P04 - Investigation of the spatial distribution of OXPHOS complex assembly in mammalian cells

The production of ATP by the oxidative phosphorylation system (OXPHOS) is a vital task of mitochondria. The OXPHOS complexes in the inner membrane assemble from imported and mitochondrial-encoded subunits. This process is thought to progress through transient assembly intermediates that are build and joined in a modular manner. While all imported subunits integrate into the inner membrane at the inner boundary membrane, the topology of assembly processes remains unknown. Here, we aim to dissect the spatial organization and topological heterogeneity of OXPHOS assembly in mammalian cells with a focus on complexes III and IV. We will analyze the composition of assembly intermediates, address mechanisms of the assembly process, and define the spatial organization of assembly steps in the inner mitochondrial membrane. We will analyze, if spatial heterogeneity of assembly processes contributes to the specificity of multi-complex assembly factors and develop new imaging strategies that will allow us to analyze and define the spatial distribution of mitochondrial translation processes.